Killer Tips for Growing Instagram Followers

Instagram can no longer be ignored as a powerful internet marketing tool. Gone are the days when the platform was perceived as a playground for teens who were eager to share photos of their cats and dogs. Currently, it is one of the major online branding platforms, and with a relatively agile demographics, it is a place where every business needs to be at. However, not everyone knows how to grow their following on the platform so that they can have an endless supply of traffic to their websites. If you have ever wanted to grow your business accounts on Instagram and increase your reach, then here are some very nice tips you can apply to start seeing results in no time.

Understanding what Instagram wants

To hack Instagram growth, it is imperative that you have a very good understanding of how the algorithm works. This is how you will know what to post and the kinds of interactions you will have to make with other accounts so that the Instagram bots can reward you with more exposure and followers. Here are a few things you need to know about the Instagram algorithm which will help you grow your accounts relatively fast-:

• High engagements – the Instagram bots are very good at rewarding high engagements. If you post a picture or a video that ends up getting lots of comments, likes, and shares, then the platform will be very happy with you and will increase your exposure.

• Interactions – other than engagements, the bots are also keen on the kinds of interaction that goes on in your account. They want to see you answering questions, reacting to comments and simply staying on top of your posts as far as interactions are concerned.

• Speed of engagement – you can make a post and get 1000 likes after three days, and you can also make a post which gets 1000 likes within the first hour. Instagram will reward the latter better than the former.

• Hashtags – hashtags are very vital for discoverability and Instagram will favor posts that have relevant hashtags. This implies that you should scout for all the relevant hashtags in your niche and be sure to use them appropriately on your posts.

Now that you have a glimpse of what the Instagram bots consider when deciding to show or bury your posts, here are some of the specific things you can do to grow both your business and personal accounts faster than you can imagine:

Like photos in your niche


On Instagram, if you want other users to interact with your posts and account, you must start by giving the love first by liking photos of other accounts within your niche. You can’t just have a dormant account and hope that people will stream in to like the photos you have posted. When you like photos, you are not just showing Instagram that you are active on the platform, but the owners of the photos you have liked take note of you, and though not all of them may check your account and also like your content, a good number of them will, and this will go a long way in helping you engagement and followers on the platform.

Create a theme for your account and posts

To be successful on Instagram, you don’t want to be like everyone else. It is imperative that you stand out so that you can be easily recognized from the gazillions of users on the platform. There are very many ways to do this, but the starting point is to have a very unique account, and have a distinctive them at both the account level as well as on the posts you will be making. You should set up an account that users who have interacted with your posts in the past will know immediately they notice your posts on the platform. It calls for the right choice of words on the posts and the hashtags you choose. It also calls for sticking to a certain theme for your photos. Don’t go bright today and then be artistic tomorrow. Choose one photo theme and stick to it in the bulk of the posts you will be making.

Encourage the use of hashtags


As noted earlier, hashtags are very important for discoverability on Instagram, and if you are not using any hashtags, then probably your account is not growing as it should be. In addition to using hashtags relevant to your niche, you can occasionally create hashtags of your own, such as for a particular product or experience, then encourage your users to use it as well. This has a way of creating a viral effect, especially if you have a decently sized account and you want to explore it by making your hashtag go viral on Instagram.

Ask and give shoutouts

Collaborating with other users is also very important when you want to grow fast on Instagram. The best, easiest and the most preferred manner of collaboration on Instagram is through the use of shout outs. If you don’t know what these are, they are simply mentions of your account, product or services by other Instagram users. You can choose to contact bigger accounts in your niche and ask for a shoutout. Some of the big guys may, however, ask to be paid, and if you can afford it, this is something you should really consider. Other than the bigger accounts, you can approach account of the same size and yours and ask to collaborate with them. As such, you will give them a shoutout and they will also give you a shoutout so that both of you can grow together.

Link your account with other networks

other networks

For more exposure, you should also consider linking your Instagram account to your other social media accounts. If you have a Facebook account, Twitter, or a blog, be sure that their links are included in the bio and you also link back to your Instagram account from them. This will increase your reach across the social channels, which will, in turn, lead to more followers.

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