How To Become Instagram Famous

How To Become Instagram Famous

Become Instagram Famous In 6 Easy Steps

Would you believe me if I tell you that Instagram was launched in 2010? It just feels like it’s been around forever given its popularity. It went from being a cute app where you could upload your lovely vacation photos to the place that re-defined digital marketing. And with around one billion active users, it’s only natural that people want to learn how to become Instagram famous.

It feels like Instagram influencers have it all— they can travel, work from home, and reach thousands of people —but that’s not the full picture. It may look easy, but becoming an Instagram influencer takes time, effort, and knowledge. Most influencers decided to get Instagram famous not for fame, but for the ability to reach an audience and have a voice.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Being a Social Media Influencer?

Just like everything, there are pros and cons of being famous on Instagram. Many people are already familiar with the pros, but for those of you who don’t know, here are a few:

  1. Building and connecting with a community it’s inspiring.
  2. You get more flexibility when it comes to business opportunities.
  3. Since you are required to be authentic, it’s amazing to work in something you love!

But not everything it’s rose-colored. Being an Instagram influencer has many challenges and obstacles that will naturally happen on the way. Some of the cons are:

  1. Growing a community and staying in touch with them is time-consuming.
  2. Being around social media so much might increase your chances of developing anxiety and feelings of loneliness.
  3. Maintaining integrity with your actions is a must.

Most influencers say that they take a small break every now and then from social media. Mental health is important and being an influencer is anxiety-inducing. Living your life outside of social media can give you inspiration for your next posts!

Keep reading and find out how to become Instagram famous!

Stay True to Your Real Self

stay true to yourself
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What does that mean? Simple, take a deep look into yourself and try to portrait that on everything you do online.

Instagram users don’t want to follow an anonymous corporation and their logo (unless you’re mega famous like Coca-Cola). They want to connect with real people and be able to relate to them. Being an Instagram influencer means that you have a personal brand, and the only way to build that is by exposing the real you—with flaws and everything. That means that you should:

  • Use a personal profile photo.
  • Remember to share pictures of yourself.
  • Maintain a fresh bio and constantly update it.

Study Instagram Influencers—and Get Inspired in the Way

A good way to start is to start following other Instagram influencers. Study their posts, their reactions, their responses to comments, their way to speak and every other little feature you can study. This will inspire you and give you a good idea of what to do and what not to do. Just remember the difference between getting inspired and stealing content from other people.

Instagram is about being authentic and transparent, show the good and the bad. People want to relate to your vulnerable and human side, and also relate to your professional and serious side.

Stick to a Niche but Consider Some Flexibility

You need to find an area in which you are passionate.

Why? Because if you’re not fully into something your followers will notice and your new job will become a task instead of something you love. I’m sure you have something to share with your audience, whether it’s your love for rescuing pets to your knowledge about poetry. You should still keep in mind some degree of flexibility, so if you love Japanese food why not talk about Asian cuisine?

Share Content that Adds Value

Sharing good content

It’s called quality over quantity.

The world of marketing gave a huge turn since the Internet exploded. It used to be about being everywhere all the time, but consumers got tired of that dynamic, and now it’s all about delivering useful and valuable knowledge.

Would you follow an account that posts five daily generic posts? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t and if you did, you’d stop as soon as the spam begins. People prefer good and useful content, something they didn’t know before and know they can use to their advantage. An ideal account will find a way to deliver useful content in a friendly format.

Carefully Plan Ahead Your Content

Planning posts is something that most famous Instagrammers do. On one hand, it gives them more control over their schedule and it helps to have some form of consistency. On the other hand, preparing your posts on a weekly or monthly basis gives you time to focus on other aspects.

Be Consistent and Diverse

Consistency and diversity. No, they’re not opposites.

You have to create some consistency with your posts and personal image. That means having a clear brand and tone of voice on your posts. But try not to get dull, make different dynamics like polls, ask people to tag you, make a contest, share tips, in other words: Mix things up while maintaining your brand!

Make videos? Share posts? Infographics? All of the above? Yes! Everything is valid as long as you keep your identity intact.

Pay Attention to Your Community

instagram famous

Like most things in society, Instagram celebrities rely on their users. Otherwise, what’s the point of creating beautiful posts about the things you love if nobody is going to react to them? That’s why one of your main points is to focus on growing your community if you want to learn how to get Instagram famous.

Once you find your interest and a way to deliver it to your audience, it’s important to develop a real audience! You want people to connect with you, to see you as their friend and trust you.

Take the Time to Respond Comments!

Imagine you come around an advertisement from a new influencer while you’re browsing Instagram. You feel interested in that product, so you go to the comment section only to find that he doesn’t respond to most comments. Are you going to leave a comment knowing that you’ll probably be ignored? Of course not! That’s why if you want to learn how to become Instagram famous you need to take the time to respond to comments!

Well, trolls and spam comments should be ignored since they don’t add any value. But genuine comments should be taken into consideration. Take 30 minutes from your day to respond to comments and let your audience know that you are committed to them.

Include Call to Actions in your Posts

The thing is, if you want people to do something, you have to explicitly tell them.

Call to Actions (CTA) are an important aspect of your posts. Tell people to leave a comment sharing an anecdote, ask them to double-tap if they agree with your post, or tell them to tag their friends. Invite them to connect with you as they would do with a friend.

Master the Art of Using Instagram Stories

Stories allow you to create a different kind of content than regular posts. You can make polls, mention people, create exclusive content, and more! And thanks to the feature that allows you to save certain stories on your profile, they can help you bring life to your profile!

Some influencers I love and respect use stories to let their followers get a glimpse of their daily lives, or they mention their followers and interact with them on a more personal level.

Take Time to Learn Some Extra Skills

Photo by Jye B on Unsplash

While it’s important to know soft skills like being authentic and relatable, some hard skills are also required.

What are these hard skills? Well, they come in different shapes and sizes. They range from knowing how to measure your engagement to knowing how to edit your photos. I mean, you can still be an influencer without knowing any of this, but it’s still somewhat important if you want to do things correctly.

Learn Photography and Editing

Did you know that the average amount of time spent on Instagram is 53 minutes per day? In that short amount of time, you need to catch the eye of the users. So it’s essential that you have pretty photos on your profile (along with some good Copywrite). They should come for the photo and say for the information. You don’t need to understand Photoshop, there are simpler apps you can use to edit photos like VSCO and Retouch. You can use Canva to create wonderful posts for your profile.

Photography is a very important skill to learn in the world of Instagram. Don’t set out to be the next National Geographic photographer, but at least learn the basic stuff.

Learn How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an important aspect of Instagram.

By using hashtags on your account, you are opening yourself for other people to find you. There are different advice on how many hashtags you should use (some say very few and others say to use all of them). Studies show that using 11+ hashtags increases the engagement rate of your posts. You can also add your #hashtags naturally in your text or place them at the bottom of everything.

It’s recommended not to use the big hashtags if you’re only starting (#love, #like, #instapic). Since those hashtags are used by hundreds of people every day, is harder to rank on them. It’s better to stick with smaller hashtags that have a big number of followers but aren’t overpopulated, like #healthyeating.

But one fundamental thing you should know is to create your own hashtags. Creating a hashtag with your community is one way to organize a certain content or internal aspect that only the people of your community will understand. Let’s say you create a challenge, a new product, or a new diet plan for your account; that would be a great opportunity to create a hashtag and motivate engagement.

Discover Brands You Can Work With


Stats don’t lie. Brands are realizing the potential of Instagram influencers and most brands have stated that it’s important to increase their social media budget.

If you want to make money from being an Instagram influencer, then working with brands should be one of your options on the table.

Working hand-to-hand with a brand should be important for your business plan. I’m not saying you should go and send a message to Adidas or Prada, focus instead on micro-brands. Micro-brands are like most influencers, all they want is to grow their following and to make some money doing what they love. That’s why micro-brands and influencers are a perfect match. You can search on Instagram or use tools like to find a micro-brand that suits you.

Stay Authentic With Brands

You don’t have to accept every deal that comes to you. One; because if you abuse the amount of sponsored content your followers will get really tired of it. And two; if the values of a micro-brand don’t match your personal brand’s values, then just don’t do it.

Imagine an influencer that promotes healthy habits and then gets sponsored by a fast-food company… Quite an extreme example but you get the point.

Consider Buying a Social Media Manager

Apps like Buffer, HubSpot and Hootsuite were designed to make your social media life much easier. Maybe when you’re beginning it might feel unnecessary to have a social media manager, but once you grow you will appreciate having a place to create, program, schedule, and measure your Instagram posts.

Be Patient and Persistent

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Like you’ve probably figured out by now, building a following and becoming Instagram famous is harder than it looks like.

At first, things are going to seem complicated. Reaching one thousand followers might feel like a nightmare and a never-ending headache, but if you persist you are going to reach your goal. Try reaching out to well-established influencers and see ask advice from them and see if they can help you out.

Remember what you want to achieve. The power to have an influence over hundreds of people, giving them real advice and being able to dedicate to an activity you truly believe and care for. Don’t give up, follow this advice and you learn how to become Instagram famous.

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