Get Instant Likes On Your Instagram Photos With These Effective Tips!

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Despite putting all your efforts if you feel that your Instagram posts aren’t getting as much appreciation as you think it should, chances are you’re missing out on some key ingredients that make your posts more likable.

So what do you do to harbor more likes? In this article, we’re going to be talking about some of the best and most-effective ways to make sure you get more likes on each and every post you share on Instagram.

Share High-quality Photos

While this is a no-brainer, you’d be amazed by how many users ignore doing it. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a DSLR to get great Instagram shots. Simply making the lighting is on point and that everything’s in focus will help you take excellent shots. Besides, almost every modern smartphone can help you take great pictures. Plus, a little editing goes a long way.

high qualtiy photo

Like any other social media platform, it takes dedication and planning to be successful on Instagram. You have to understand that people only notice interesting accounts. This means you have to make sure that you only share high-quality pictures pertaining to an interesting subject matter.

Don’t Forget To Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to make sure your posts reach a target audience. Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram, even more than any other platform on social media. Using relevant hashtags helps your target audience to discover your content.

You can use local hashtags to reach people near your area. Find out what hashtags the popular local accounts use on their posts. In doing so, your posts will get discovered by users near you or by other accounts that might want to feature your photos. This will ultimately help you garner more followers and also harbor more Instagram likes.

Your Captions Matter

This is an area that’s often overlooked. Aside from posting high-quality posts, a great caption associated with the post you shared is just as important. Captions are a way for you to invoke a feeling or tell a story. With the right voice and tone, you can make your captions just as intriguing as your pictures.

instagram captions

By prioritizing on writing captivating captions, your audience will have something to look forward to. So use it wisely and by doing so, your posts will not only reach your target audience( and garner more likes) but also inspire and have an impact on them.

Tag your Location

Aside from being a humble brag about your great taste in coworking spaces or gastropubs, tagging your location is another excellent way for more users to discover you and help you garner more likes.

Moreover, adding location tags is quite simple. You just need to click on “Add location” and pick your location from the lists.

Posts Consistently

If you wish to increase engagement and likes, it’s quite crucial to ensure that you’re posting regular content. We recommend sharing at least one post a day. This will also be great for the Instagram algorithm.

By posting more consistently, you’ll be able to receive more likes. This is because posting frequently boosts engagement and also help you earn more followers faster. Instagram’s algorithm has evolved immensely in recent years. If growing your page or gaining more likes is your goal, it’s very important that you post regularly.

Tag Brands and People, when relevant

Tagging other users or brands can also be quite helpful in harboring more likes organically. However, you should only tag them if they’re relevant to the post you shared. You certainly don’t want to come off as spammy.

That said, people generally appreciate the recognition and as such, they’ll more likely respond back with a comment or like if you mention them in your tags. This is also an excellent way to build relationships.

Know When to Post

Instagram doesn’t show contents chronologically, however, its algorithm does appreciate “recency.” This means to ensure that people discover your content, knowing when your audience uses the app is crucial.

instagran posting times

It won’t be of any use if you post quality content and there’s no one online to view it. While it may take you some time to find the most appropriate time for posts, it’ll certainly be helpful in the long run. You can also check your analytics to make necessary changes.

Use Consistent Filters

Though it sounds frivolous, using consistent filters is a great way to grow your Instagram engagement. When you use the same filter for all your posts, it helps in creating and maintaining a consistent image. This also makes your pictures easily recognizable on your target audience feeds, thereby increasing recognition and helping you get more consistent likes.

Final Say

By implementing these tips the next time you post on Instagram, you’ll not only be able to harbor more likes but also grow your page organically.

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