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At FREEGramlikes, safety is our number 1 priority.  We will never do anything to put your account at risk, you have nothing to worry about as we do not break any of Instagram’s terms and conditions when we send the followers. We fly completely under their radar! Not to mention the quality of our followers, they look like real genuine accounts as they all have profile pictures, bios, and a full page of pictures.

A Few Before And After Pictures

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Jasmin went all out and got herself 100,000 likes and 50,000 followers, she sent them slowly over 15 days and couldn’t be any more pleased.

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Bobby wanted them extra likes to make him look Instagram famous, he went with 80,000 likes and 10,000 free followers for Instagram

Dan wanted just a few extra likes to give his profile a little boost, he selected 1,000 likes for Instagram and 5,000 followers sent over 10 days.


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Try the natural way

We all know that clicking a button to get thousands of likes and followers is the easy way out, however, getting followers naturally is always a good idea. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and will keep you motivated to post updated content regularly. We have written an exclusive guide on how to become Instagram famous in 6 easy steps, it is highly recommended even after you claim your free likes.

Free Instagram Likes

Anyone who visits our website can claim up to 100,000 free likes for Instagram,  when we say “up to” we give you the option to choose how many you likes you want. For example, if you want 30k likes for Instagram you can simply select that option, however, if you want loads of likes select the 100k option and we will deliver them.

Free Instagram FOLLOWERS

At FreeGramLikes we don’t just offer likes, we offer free followers for Instagram too! You can choose anywhere from 50 – 100,000 followers sent to your account alongside your likes. Sending both likes and followers at the same time makes things look natural to Instagram and your followers.


If one day you have 500 followers and the next you have 100,000 it’s going to look very suspicious. To remove all suspicion we can offer you a steady flow of followers or likes.(drip feeding)  You can choose to have them sent over a few days or even months!


When you use our website to claim your free Instagram likes and followers you are in safe hands. We have been doing this work for over 4 years and are proud to say that not a single account has been banned from our work. We use secure encrypted servers each with there own dedicated IP to deliver our likes and followers.


You can spot a fake follower from a mile off right? As soon as you click on the profile you can normally tell straight away. However, with FreeGramLikes all of our accounts have profile pictures and a full page of posts, this means they look like genuine accounts and it’s impossible to tell that they are fake.


FreeGramLikes was created to be as simple as possible, we understand that your time is important and that’s why we have made the process so easy. It really is as simple as entering your username then selecting how many free likes and followers for Instagram you want. We have added a simple 3 step guide below, check it out if you need help.

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Sayeed just wanted to send followers on there own, he opted in for 50,000 and got them sent straight to his account instantly!

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Lauren wanted to boost her fitness profile to attract new people, she split the likes across a few pictures and only selected a few followers to be drip-fed across a few days.

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Arjun wanted to go for the full stack, he selected the full amount and delivered them gradually over 40 days.

How To Get Free Instagram Likes And Followers


In order to claim your free likes on Instagram, you need to follow 3 very easy steps. Get started by enting your Instagram username in the text area at the top of this page, just your plain username and nothing else. Once you are happy it’s correct select how many followers and likes you want us to deleiver to your account along with the dripfeed time. You can do this by adusting the the 3 sliders provided.


Once you are happy with your selection hit the submit button, you will then be presented with with a loading screen, depending on how busy our servers are you may be asked to wait a minute or so. After the page has finished loading you will then be able to select which posts you want the likes delivered to. You can select up to 8 posts and we will split the likes between your chosen posts.


In order for us to send your likes and followers we will require you to enter a VALID email address. After you have entered your email click on the “send my likes and followers” button. Our servers will then get to work preparing and sending your new likes and followers. Some people may be asked to complete a short offer to prove they are human and not a robot. Once completed we will send them straight after.

Advantages of having free likes and followers on Instagram

Having a large number of followers and likes on Instagram has huge benefits, especially when they are free and so easy to claim right from our website. When Instagram first started people would use it as a fun hobby, however, it’s now turned into a great way to interact with customers and users around the world. Having over a million followers is a great achievement and we can help you get started, once you claim your 100,000 free Instagram followers you will be well on your way, but when people see you have that many followers, more people will be enticed to follow you meaning it’s going to be easier from then on. Having more followers on Instagram can give you the following benefits:

Make Money

When people see you have a large number of likes and followers you are going to attract more people. Having all that exposure helps you gain trust and attention from advertisers.  Don’t be surprised that after you claim your free followers on Instagram people will start getting in contact with you. People who run companies such as fashion brands or lifestyle products for example. They will ask you to become an advertiser or endorser for there product or brand. This is how you will earn your money.

You Will Become Famous

I’m sure everyone wants to become famous, you get a strange unexplained happiness when it comes to fame. Just imagine how your friends and family will react when they see your pictures getting over 100,000 likes. Not to mention when they see your profile with over 50,000 followers! People will start treating you with more respect and will look up to you, they will ask you for advice and your advice will be taken seriously as you have many followers on the social platform. If you like the sound of this then what are you waiting for? Get free likes on Instagram by using our website.

Become An Influencer

An Instagram influencer has a trustworthy following and a good amount of likes on their profile, and guess what? After you have used our service to get free Instagram likes and followers you will qualify to become one! Because an influencer has a high number of followers people will trust and believe what this person has to say, meaning an influencer can influence people to make lifestyle choices and purchases. You can make money by getting people to buy products using your affiliate code, or even working directly with a company.

more followers and likes

Having hundreds and thousands of followers and likes will naturally attract more users to your Instagram profile. These people will see that you have such a huge following and become curious of you. This will influence them to like and follow your profile. Just imagine if you see an Instagram profile with a meer 100 followers and a few likes on each post, chances are that you are going to come straight off the profile and not give them a follow. Now picture the same account with thousands of likes and followers. You are most defiantly going to give this account a follow as they must be doing something correctly.

What Are Surveys? (AKA Human Tests)

Sometimes we ask that you complete a short human test before we send your likes and followers, this test proves to us that you are a human and not a robot. Since we first started offering this service our website was getting spammed by robots and we couldn’t do anything about it. They were slowing down our website and claiming all the free followers which were ruining it for all you genuine people out there. Without these surveys we would have had to shut down this service a long time ago, this is the only thing that’s keeping us running.

Completing a survey shouldn’t take that long at all, they are very simple and normally ask you to do a few things depending if you are on a mobile or a desktop computer, for example. If you are on your mobile you might be asked to download an app and install it on your phone. I know this sounds very strange but it’s imposable for a robot to do such a task and it’s the only way to stop 100% of the bots. You can remove the app straight after and it will do no damage to your phone. Other humans tests can consist of entering some sort of prize draw to win something or even just entering a few details on a website. If you get stuck please make sure that you are reading the survey requirements correctly. however, you can always contact us for more assistance.

100k instagram free followers

Kelly was trying to run her own fashion page, however she didn’t have enough followers for people to take notice of her. She came across our website and gave it a go by selecting 100k. Soon after her page was getting noticed and people started buying products.

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Jess come to us asking for advice, she wanted to be featured in the explore page but didn’t know what to do. We gave her our advice and she went with it. Soon after one of her posts was featured on the explore page.

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Karim has always wanted fame when it came to Instagram, no matter how hard he tried nothing seemed to work for him. He started doing some research and then stumbled across our website. He gave us a try and become famous overnight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ask for my Instagram password? will NEVER ask for your Instagram password or any other sensitive details to your account. This information is private and should never be shared with ANYONE! To send likes and followers to your account all that is required is your Instagram username.

What Does Drip-Feed Mean

When we drip-feed your likes this means we slowly send them one at a time over a certain amount of time. Gradually drip-feeding these likes is much better than sending them all at once. We recommend that you select at least a 7-day drip-feed if you are claiming the full 100,000 free likes on Instagram.

Can I Get Banned?

Your account will remain completely safe and will not be banned in any way shape or form. We have been doing this for a few years now and are happy to say that we have never got an account banned or disabled. You have nothing to worry about, you’re in safe hands!


People shouldn’t have to pay in order to get free likes on Instagram, there are companies out there that charge for this service and we think it is wrong. We are here to show you that this service can be offered free of charge. Enjoy it while it lasts.

How Can I Contact You

If you are sure that your question hasn’t be answered then please feel free to contact us by clicking here. This link will take you to our contact page where you can fill out the form and ask us whatever you like. Please remember that we can take up to a few days to reply to your emails.

Can I get likes and followers?

Yes, we can send both likes and followers to your account simultaneously, this makes things look natural to everyone viewing your profile. We offer this package because imagine if your account started gaining 100,000 likes and no followers, this would raise some suspicions.


I’ve been wondering how to get free likes on Instagram then I came across this website. I gave it a go and gave my pictures thousands of likes in a matter of minutes. This is the real deal!


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I would just like to say that I am so happy with my new followers and likes on Instagram. I am leaving this review so people know that this service is 100% legit and working.

How To Gain Followers And Likes The Natural Way
We’re not all about sending you thousands of likes and leaving it at that, we can also help people gain these the natural way. Doing things naturally is much harder but can give people peace of mind in the long run. Below we will list a few ways on how you can get free likes on Instagram without using our service to blast your account.

Follow our blog

We have created our own blog with you, the user in mind. We try to post at least once every week with new fresh content about Instagram. We mainly share new ideas on how to get Instagram free likes and followers, however, we try to cover any viral topic for example. We cover how you can make money and also tips and tricks on how to take better photos.

Post At The Right Time

Before posting anything on Instagram, you should take a look at your follows and find out what time zone the majority of them are in. The reason behind this is because you want to share your pictures when everyone is online otherwise, they might go unnoticed, usually, a photo has around 4 hours before it gets lost in the news feed. Studies show that the best time to post is on Wednesdays around 5 – 6PM.

use hashtags

When it comes to boosting your account naturally using hashtags is probably one of the best ways to do it. Use relevant hashtags in every post you make but don’t overdo it. Studies show that adding 2 – 4 hashtags into your posts can boost your engagement by up to 50 %, this means your content will be getting 50% more views compared to if you were not using any hashtags! It’s a no brainer, start using hashtags straight away!

Follow Others

If you want people to follow you, then you are going to have to follow other people. This is a simple rule which is pretty common on all social media platforms. When you follow somebody else the chances are that they are most probably going to follow you back, just make sure your profile is in tip-top condition to help with the follow backs.

optimize Your Profile

Your Instagram profile is what makes you, it’s what people see right before they decide to follow you or not. You must customize your profile to make it stand out and give people a reason to follow you. Start by using a recognizable username and an eye-catching profile picture. You should also sort through all your photos and only remove all the low-quality ones. People only want to see quality content. You should also look into making your BIO stand out, for that you can follow this guide.

Don’t Over Do It

Ok so you have a bunch of new followers, how do you keep them interested? You post frequent relevant photos on your profile each day but remember not to overdo it. Typically 1 – 2 photos a day is fine, however, if you are flooding your profile with photos on a regular basis people are likely to unfollow you.